Rate Card for Single Days Hire 10 hour day Base to Base with a driver. For longer periods or multiple vehicles please call us on : 0208 945 5728


 All Prices are plus VAT

Credit cards accepted 

Splitter Location Van 1

 9 Seater with rear toilet

 The Alpina  £360

Overtime £50 Per hour

Generator 2kva if needed £9 Per hour

Mileage 0.75 pence per mile

Splitter Location Van 2  

9 Seater

 The Grand Crafter  £360

Overtime £50 Per hour

Generator 2kva if needed £9 Per hour

Mileage 0.75 pence per mile

Splitter Production Location Van 3

9 Seater with toilet

The Super Alero £420

Overtime £50 Per hour

Generator 2kva £9 Per hour

Mileage £1 per mile

Drivable Honey wagon

 The little loo  £320

Overtime £45 Per hour

Generator 2kva £9 Per hour

Mileage £1 per mile

Crew Equipment Van with tail lift 

The  Gaz Van £320

Overtime £39 Per hour

Generator 2kva £9 Per hour

Mileage 0.75 pence per mile

Production Location Van 4

The Agency Suite £380

Wifi Included 

Overtime £50 Per Hour

Generator 2kva £9 Per Hour 

Mileage £1 Per Mile 

3 Position Make Up

The Glamour Studio  £340

Overtime £45 Per hour

Generator 2kva £9 Per hour

Mileage 75p per mile 

3 Position Production Office

with rear toilet 

The Prowler    £360

Overtime £45 Per hour 

Generator £9 Per Hour 

Mileage 75p per mile 

Terms and Conditions 

Pencil /Option all vehicles as normal but if you cannot confirm the requested vehicles  48 hours prior of the starting date you will be offered a option to keep the vehicles on hold for you in the diary, This hold part payment is a cost of £50 per vehicle. Upon confirmation this charge will be deducted off your final invoice total. 



Confirmed and then cancelled vehicles are charged at the daily rate of that vehicle. 

The Vehicles are Charged from Base to Base

This is from when they leave our Base at SL4 4QF they will arrive to you clean and ready to use with a helpful standby person on hand. The clock stops once the vehicle is returned back and cleaned out ready for its next shoot. Travel time usually takes about 1 hour into London and another half hour to the east side of London, obviously traffic dependent.



Return to base after 1.00 am or start before 3.45 am £150 surcharge

Night Shoots £150 surcharge per driver

Sundays charged at the overtime rate of that vehicle

Bank Holidays charged at Overtime plus   

£ 150 surcharge per driver

Congestion Charge  £15  

ULEZ £12.50 per vehicle per day Excluding dining buses or Super Alero

 ULEZ £100 for Super  Alero and dining buses 

New Wifi*

3 Network up to (150Mbps) and 50 meter coverage + up to 22 users 

Pre booked *unlimited gb £45 per day please ask upon booking for availability 

*Only Available with a Location Vans 1,2,3,4

*Nespresso Compatible Pods 1st 10 free

*Extra Nespresso Compatible Pods 30p each


Any Damage or Loss of our equipment will be charged for at new replacement like for like cost . Production will be notified beforehand.


All the Prices Quoted are plus Vat @ 20%

Email  : info@splitzfacilities.co.uk

Call  : 0208 945 5728


We Do Not Offer Self Drive 

Splitz Facilities are 100% committed to our customers. We hold all the correct risk assessments, public liability insurance and environmental awareness.

All our drivers are very experienced in the media industry to help you have that perfect day on location.

All our vehicles are covered by a Film T.V and media specialized insurance company and we have a public liability for £5 million.

All of our vehicles are correctly insured and carry the relevant specialist policies to enable us to operate in the correct manner.

It is important to understand that we do not cover any items or property both personal or business that is not directly owned by Splitz Facilities and at no time will the company or any associates by held liable for any loss or damage.

We only use recyclable products and biodegradable products on our vehicles.