Dining Bus

Splitz Facilities is proud to offer a bespoke, 60 seater, comfortable and luxury dining bus. Our dining bus comes with eco friendly twin air conditioning/heating for the top and bottom seating areas to keep the crew dry and comfortable whatever the weather. It boasts tv and plug sockets for convenience and entertainment and also comes with disabled access!

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The Dining Bus provides a comfortable and convenient place on a film and tv location to have a meal or for a members of the crew to take a break in. They are highly important as they may be the only place members of the crew can get off their feet during a busy day on set. Dining buses also provide shelter and seating for members of the crew during adverse weather conditions where they can dry off and warm back up, allowing them to be ready to get back on set. There can be no underestimating the simple but effective purpose of a dining bus on set and the advantage it provides!


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