Splitter Van Hire

Our location vans serve as a mobile production hub, offering convenience, efficiency, and equipment protection for on-location video shoots. It helps ensure that the production process runs smoothly and that all necessary gear is readily available wherever the shoot takes place.

The benefits of Splitter Location Vans

Film, TV, and photoshoot location vans are essential mobile resources that provide a variety of important utilities and services on a production set. They are, in essence, the heart of any location-based production, offering a base for operations, equipment storage, and a range of other crucial facilities.

These vans are typically customized to meet the unique requirements of each production, ranging from a director’s base to a mobile editing suite, from a makeup and costume station to a catering hub. They can also serve as mobile dressing rooms for actors, providing privacy and a space for performers to prepare and relax between scenes.

Film and TV location vans are designed to be durable and adaptable, able to navigate diverse terrain and weather conditions, from bustling city streets to remote, off-road locations. They are equipped with advanced technologies and tools to ensure seamless communication and coordination amongst the crew members, contributing to the smooth running of the shoot.

Photoshoot location vans, on the other hand, are often equipped with additional features such as specialized lighting, backdrops, and a range of photographic equipment. They may also include a styling area where models can change outfits, get their hair and makeup done, and prepare for their shoot.

As the nature of film and TV production and photoshoots often requires travel and mobility, these location vans are not just a convenience, but a necessity. They provide a one-stop solution to many of the logistical challenges associated with location shooting, allowing the creative team to focus on their primary task – creating compelling content.

Overall, film, TV, and photoshoot location vans are an integral part of the creative process, offering a compact, mobile base that enables crews to work effectively and efficiently, regardless of where their creative vision takes them.