The Pro Boxer 

The Pro Boxer is our New Production Office Location Van ULEZ Compliant  


This Location van is a brilliant asset to your production, you can travel and set up with a more civilised office than you've had ever before, 9 Passenger seats and a 5 Seater office whilst stationary,  fitted with Plush walls and fittings with heat reflective limo tint windows with Blinds and a large skylight for a 360 degree vision of you unit. features like Overhead Storage, Air Conditioning  and the all important blown heating system, a Powerful 1.5 kva 240v green Eco Emission less Generator runs all this and Split charging system powers this truck whilst on the move minimising the use of the Petrol generator making this a brilliant Location Vehicle.*4G  Wi-Fi at a small extra charge must be pre booked as its not fitted the vehicle. When you looking for Compact Location Facilities give Splitz Facilities a call.

Production Van 3

9 Seats including driver
Production Area for 5
10" Playback Monitor with BNC and HDMI
240v power and USB Charging sockets 
dimmable Led Lighting
Zero Emission Silent Battery Generator inverter system 
Nespresso Machine 
9 Fluorescent Jackets
Pop up Bin 

*Wifi On 3 Network
*Cool box
* if requested beforehand

7.2 Meters long 
2.o Meters Wide
2.6 Meters High 
REG No : N900 SPL

This vehicle is Ultra low Emission zone Compliant