Costume Truck Hire

a costume truck serves as a mobile wardrobe unit for on-location video production. It enhances costume organization, preservation, and efficiency, ensuring that actors look their best while contributing to the overall success of the production.

The benefits of Costume Truck

A costume truck offers several benefits for on-location video production, especially when it comes to managing costumes and wardrobe:

1. Costume Storage: Our Costume trucks provide ample and organised storage space for costumes, wardrobe accessories, and related equipment. This ensures that costumes are well-preserved and easily accessible for quick changes and continuity during shoots.

2. Costume Organisation: With the various racks, shelves, and compartments designed to keep costumes organised by character, scene, or actor. This organization streamlines the costume change process and minimises potential wardrobe mix-ups.

3. Climate Control: maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity levels to protect delicate fabrics and costumes from environmental damage.

4. Privacy: Cast can change costumes in a private and comfortable environment, away from the main production area.

5. Efficiency: With costumes and wardrobe accessories readily available on location, costume changes can be executed quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and keeping the production on schedule.

6. Security: Costume trucks provide a secure location for storing valuable costumes and accessories, reducing the risk of loss or theft.

7. Continuity: The organisation and accessibility of costumes help maintain visual continuity throughout the shoot, which is crucial for the final edit of the video.